Detect bugs before your customers with automated
browser testing

Continuously test your app for bugs and errors without writing a single line of code.

Then only $39/mo. No credit card required.

Build Automated Tests in 3 Easy Steps

Set up your tests in minutes. No code required.

Build Your Test

Simulate complex user interactions and define test metrics with a step-by-step, intuitive UI builder.

Schedule & Automate

Let Firelab do the hard work and run your test every day, week, month or when you deploy a change.

Get Notified & Stop Worrying

Firelab will let you know right away if one of your tests fail, so you have peace of mind 24/7.

Complete end-to-end testing

No coding required

UI Testing

Simulate real user interactions from button clicks and keystrokes to hovers.

API Testing

Routinely test your API for specific responses and data without complex unit tests.

Continuous Testing

Schedule tests to run daily, weekly or on-demand whenever you deploy a new change.

Real-time Alerts

Don't wait for your users to report bugs, get notified as soon as something breaks.

No Code Required

Forget about writing complex unit or integration tests. Build your tests using an intuitive UI.

Language Agnostic

Firelab uses a real browser to run your tests, so it doesn't matter if you're using React and Node or Angular and Ruby.

Say Goodbye to Bugs

Protect against lost revenue and damaged user trust today.

Then only $39/mo. No credit card required